Connect residents with convenience and comfort through always-on Wi-Fi

Create a homelife experience where residents live their best connected lives. Amazing services are not only possible but easy to create and deliver with RUCKUS® technologies. Let us help you impress residents with must-have conveniences and comforts delivered over a property-wide, always-on RUCKUS network. Protect residents, staff and property with networked security cameras, connected door locks and smart lighting. Accelerate ROI by using RUCKUS technologies to reduce energy consumption and building maintenance costs—and more. 

Meet the expectations of everyone who calls your properties home with RUCKUS technologies for:  

  • Always-on Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Secure resident onboarding
  • Internet of things (IoT) integration
  • Resident, staff and property safety
  • Analytics  
A RUCKUS network

Delivers always-on Wi-Fi connectivity 

Make a strong first impression when you give every resident always-on Wi-Fi at move-in. A property-wide RUCKUS network can eliminate the channel conflicts associated with multiple siloed networks. Patented RUCKUS signal technology makes it easy to modernize existing properties and ensure coverage where other Wi-Fi signals struggle. Impress residents with conveniences like: 

  • Reliable, high-performance connectivity across the property 
  • Instant Wi-Fi connectivity available at move-in, without installation hassles
  • Self-service connection of mobile and smart devices through a secure resident portal
  • Wi-Fi calling in areas where cellular coverage is weak 

Watch this video about RUCKUS managed wi-fi


Contributes to revenue, reputation and property values 

All property stakeholders—owners, operators and managed service providers (MSPs)—love services that enhance every resident’s living experience. These services can help boost revenue and reputation, not to mention the positive effects on the value of your property. RUCKUS technologies enable exceptional services that residents appreciate, such as: 

  • Secure virtualized personal networks with single sign-on spanning the property
  • IoT-enabled smart controls, including thermostats, lighting, appliances and more
  • Concierge-level notification of deliveries
  • Self-service guest registration
  • Connected door locks that enhance security and reduce maintenance commitments  

Watch this video about the RUCKUS Cloudpath® Enrollment System resident portal


Accelerates ROI and modernizes management 

A RUCKUS network can reduce building management and operational costs—accelerating ROI and streamlining management to help you: 

  • Cut energy costs with centralized management of smart thermostats, lighting and appliances
  • Replace labor-intensive manual maintenance checks with proactive sensor alerts
  • Create secure self-service onboarding with RUCKUS Cloudpath Enrollment System
  • Offer self-guided tours—freeing staff for more productive work
  • Work with your MSP to meet service-level agreements
  • Use RUCKUS Analytics to optimize today and plan for the future 

Read more about RUCKUS Cloudpath Enrollment System for secure network access


Capitalizes on smart changes moving forward 

Technology as an amenity has endless potential. RUCKUS IoT Suite provides a standards-based, unified platform that makes it easy to add IoT sensors and devices that make MDU life smarter—with more conveniences, comforts and security.  

Deploy new applications and systems in days instead of weeks. Even without a crystal ball, owners and operators can prepare for future technology-as-an-amenity services with a RUCKUS network as their foundation. 

Watch this video about what’s ahead for MDUs and hospitality networks

Customer Stories
 aveunion Card Hero 500 x 281
AVE Union gives residents property-wide personal Wi-Fi networks

AVE Union is a luxury residential community. An enterprise-grade RUCKUS network with Cloudpath Enrollment System gives residents VLAN-based personal networks in their apartments and across the property. It’s an innovative, forward-looking model for smart apartment communities. 

Quitain CS hero_500x281
Quintain Living, Wembley Park Development

Learn about how Quintain utilizes RUCKUS solutions for residents’ network access across their Wembley Park development 


Learn how RUCKUS solutions is revolutionizing Wi-Fi for healthcare and improving clinical workflow with reliable internet solutions for the Frankelandgroep, in the Schiedam / Vlaardingen region of the Netherlands. 

 shutterstock_1869079057 Card Hero 500 x 281

SOVAK needed a stable, wireless network to support the next generation of healthcare innovations in their ambitious ICT master plan. 

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