Create a powerful, shared infrastructure for IoT

Organizations seeking to support IoT use cases face a complex, fragmented ecosystem of standards. This slows enterprise IoT deployments, increases risks and reduces ROI. An IoT access network addresses these issues by consolidating multiple physical-layer networks into a single converged network, simplifying IoT sensor and device onboarding, establishing uniform security protocols and converging IoT endpoint management and policy-setting.

The RUCKUS® IoT Suite simplifies the creation of IoT access networks through the reuse of LAN and WLAN infrastructure—accelerating deployments, reducing cost, and increasing the benefits from IoT. With a RUCKUS IoT network, organizations can aggregate and backhaul IoT traffic over their new or existing RUCKUS Wi-Fi infrastructure.

IoT and the converged edge network

The edge network is growing in complexity, and IoT only adds to the challenge. A RUCKUS converged edge network brings together wireless, wired, and IoT networks into a common network architecture—simplifying management, provisioning, assurance and security.

RUCKUS IoT Insights

The RUCKUS IoT portfolio also includes the powerful IoT Insights platform, which enables powerful visualization of your deployed IoT devices and enables cross-device correlated actions. So, for instance, if an apartment in your MDU has a water leak, Insights can detect it and shut off the water to that unit before it causes major damage. Or your hospitality venue can use Insights to provide premium guest experiences tailored to their tastes to greet their arrival.

Simplifies IT complexity while reducing CapEx

A single converged network helps ease IoT sensor and device onboarding, supports uniform security protocols and brings together IoT endpoint management and policy-setting, all while negating the need for large upfront CapEx and additional deployment of shadow networks.

Visualize your entire IoT device infrastructure on one single pane of glass

Enable visualization of all IoT devices, from all vendors, in a single pane of glass—along with analytics about those devices.

Automated actions based upon correlated data from all your IoT devices

The RUCKUS IoT Insight platform reduces OpEx and complexity while enabling conformance to regulatory requirements by correlating data from devices across your entire property/campus—and providing automation of relevant actions. Insights can sense occupancy and turn off lights, cooling and heating when not needed. It can “count” how many people use a particular space to inform how often it needs to be cleaned. It can detect vaping in a school restroom, capture video outside the door and speed interventions.

Customer Stories
Royal Park Hotel: Luxury hotel makes a secure entry into IoT guest services

The Royal Park Hotel in Rochester, Michigan, offers an award-winning guest experience, but wanted to use IoT for luxury hospitality properties to make it even better. ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions and RUCKUS collaborated on an integrated system that offered a streamlined, economical, and forward-looking approach to bringing door locks—and future IoT technologies—online.

Iglu enhances student physical security

Iglu enhances cool reputation for student residence safety with connected door locks using RUCKUS IoT Suite.

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