RUCKUS NaaS delivers advanced networking services simply and affordably

RUCKUS Network as a Service (NaaS) program enables businesses to consume network services via one predictable monthly payment. Acquiring and managing even the most advanced networking has never been so simple. RUCKUS NaaS allows you to select from the complete RUCKUS portfolio of Wi-Fi, wired and private cellular products, including services supplied by RUCKUS and our partners. Plus, you can take advantage of RUCKUS and our partners’ networking expertise to manage your network, freeing your team up to refocus on driving additional value for your business.

Benefits of NaaS

Speed and expertise

RUCKUS Network as a Service will enable businesses to implement projects faster, leveraging our network experts to get critical projects completed quickly.



RUCKUS NaaS frees you to focus your staff and capital budget on delivering business-critical problems by letting us handle the essential, time-consuming tasks of managing and installing the network.



RUCKUS NaaS will help save your business the upfront financial investment required to set up your network and deliver it. Paying for your network via a predictable monthly payment will help you afford the best RUCKUS network and keep it up to date.

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