Power digital learning with a solid network foundation

Around the world, educators and administrators work tirelessly to achieve digital equity for their students. RUCKUS Networks helps primary and secondary educators pursue this important goal as their trusted partner. A RUCKUS® network provides a solid foundation for every stage of your digital transition, delivering “anywhere, anytime, on any device” access that every student needs to move forward in life with confidence.  

Close the digital divide with RUCKUS technologies that enable: 

  • Indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi
  • Wired and wireless connectivity
  • IoT integration
  • Secure onboarding of students and devices
  • Cloud-based services
  • Analytics
  • Security and safety 

Build a resilient network for your classroom    

A RUCKUS network in your school


Simplifies E-Rate purchases 

E-Rate programs are invaluable assistance for U.S. schools, but applying is not always an easy process. You don’t want to miss a filing deadline or a single dollar of savings. RUCKUS Networks has created several tools to simplify the application process, including: 

  • An ordering guide for products and services available through E-Rate funding 
  • A budget calculator from E-Rate Profit Works
  • An E-Rate eligibility product search tool
  • A dedicated funding support team to help you with the application process

Take advantage of these E-Rate tools

Download “6 Steps for a Successful E-Rate Season”  


Promotes digital inclusion 

There are five stages for digital transition, but that doesn’t mean it’s an orderly transition. In fact, it can be downright messy, as demonstrated by the urgent rush to remote learning during the pandemic. A RUCKUS network can reinforce your progress so you can: 

  • Use any combination of virtual and hybrid school teaching models
  • Support online curriculum, testing and learning management systems, esports and more 
  • Meet BYOD demands with secure network onboarding using Cloudpath® Enrollment System 
  • Expand wireless coverage to support classroom, school and district-wide mobility
  • Deploy temporary or mobile wireless hot spots to underserved communities 

Explore digital equity from network design to funding



Puts esports on a winning digital field 

The momentum for esports in education is unstoppable—unless your network stops it. Gamers can’t compete if they’re dealing with connection problems, latency or jitter. That’s why a successful esports program depends on a reliable, high-performance network. The same RUCKUS network that supports your academic programs can also handle the demands of esports, including: 

  • Modular switching with the scalability for multigigabit speeds 
  • RUCKUS Cloudpath Enrollment System for secure guest access 
  • RUCKUS Analytics for insights into network performance, applications, utilization and more
  • Future proofing with Wi-Fi 6/6E access points (APs), 90-watt PoE, IoT-enabled APs and upgradable uplinks 

Download our esports solution brief


Enables more effective responses to vaping incidents 

Vaping prevention efforts can lead to frustrating “cat-and-mouse” chases. With our partners, we enable a more effective approach—integrating vaping sensors and surveillance cameras into your RUCKUS wireless network. Enforcement staff receive a time-stamped image of students in the vicinity of the vaping alarm so they can act before the chase begins. This integrated solution improves response because: 

  • It’s less disruptive so, when there’s a vaping alert, staff don’t need to rush to the scene 
  • Alarms can be coordinated with surveillance footage to help identify offenders
  • Clear evidence reduces the likelihood of peer bullying that keeps bystanders silent 
  • Visual evidence can facilitate more positive discussions with students, parents and guardians.  

Download our solution brief on vaping and bullying detection

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Bonneville Joint School District #93

A public school district in Idaho delivers cost-effective, consistent wireless connectivity to 14,000 students at 26 campuses with RUCKUS Cloud. 

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New Zealand Ministry of Education

Learn how New Zealand’s Ministry of Education teamed up with N4L and RUCKUS to provide equitable access for all students in all the schools with fast, reliable connectivity for digital learning. 

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Herricks School District

Herricks School District gets network capabilities beyond expectations with RUCKUS Wi-Fi and switching. 

Rugby School Thailand

Learn how RUCKUS technology provided seamless connectivity to the Rugby School Thailand, an international community that goes beyond the classroom. 

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