Explore the power of RUCKUS in the world of Esports 

Learn how our high-performance network, powered by AI, supports seamless gaming experiences, secure guest access, and provides valuable insights into network performance. Discover how RUCKUS can future-proof your esports setup with Wi-Fi 7 access points, IoT-enabled APs, and upgradable uplink. 

We're excited to announce that RUCKUS Networks has been named the Preferred Networking Provider for the UK’s National Esports Performance Campus.

Our state-of-the-art networking solutions will offer the next generation of elite gamers seamless connectivity, ensuring an unparalleled gaming experience. With RUCKUS' advanced technologies, including RUCKUS AI and RUCKUS One, we're committed to delivering purpose-driven networking that puts the needs of gamers at the forefront. Join us as we power the future of Esports.

Changing the rules of the game
RUCKUS® Wi-Fi & H2O Esports Campus

Discover how the H20 Esports Campus, Europe’s largest esports hub, leverages RUCKUS solutions to support high-intensity gaming tournaments, rapid matches, and innovative tech startups. Learn about the implementation of high-performance network that connects to 1000 devices simultaneously, provides complete coverage, and ensures exceptional speed and security. Read to learn how RUCKUS is shaping the future of esports.

Level Up: Kickstarting your Esports journey in education with RUCKUS Networks

Embark on your Esports journey in education with RUCKUS Networks. Learn from Esports experts as they provide a comprehensive guide on how RUCKUS’s Advanced networking solutions can elevate your Esports initiatives, fostering an engaging and high-performance gaming environment for students. 

RUCKUS Networks to power connectivity at British Esports

UK’s national Esports federation names leading connectivity specialist as Preferred Networking Provider to offer the next generation of elite gamers seamless connectivity at the state of the art National Esports Performance Campus in Sunderland.

5 QUESTIONS to consider for a winning esports network

Esports is revolutionizing education, offering new opportunities for student engagement and careers. RUCKUS Networks provides high-performance, reliable solutions tailored to esports. Learn about funding opportunities and the benefits of a seamless, high-performance network.

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Achieving Esports Excellence with RUCKUS

Explore the world of Esports and learn how RUCKUS is shaping the future of Esports with advanced networking solutions. Discover our partnership with British Esports and how they're integrating RUCKUS AI and RUCKUS One with high-capacity ICX switches to optimise network performance. Read more to learn the importance of effective planning and alignment with objectives for a successful Esports program.

Esports: More than a game

More than just a game, Esports promotes the physical and mental well-being of students the world over. Learn how RUCKUS supports student well-being by supporting Esports.

Unleash the power of Wi-Fi 7 for Esports

Wi-Fi 7, the latest iteration of wireless tech, is poised to revolutionize the Esports landscape. Learn more about Wi-Fi 7: the game-changer.

British Esports

The British Esports Federation is a national body established in 2016 to promote and enhance Esports in the UK at a grassroots level. Partnered with industry giants like Dell, Intel, and Alienware, it offers initiatives like the Student Champs, the UK’s largest amateur grassroots esports tournament. It also collaborates with educational institutions to integrate esports into the curriculum, fostering leadership skills, teamwork, and critical thinking among students. Look at their website and learn more about all that Esports has to offer.


British Esports



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Esports in higher education

Discover how Wi-Fi 7 is reshaping the educational landscape in this casestudy. Learn about its role in enhancing network performance, reliability, and security, and its contribution to the development of smart campuses. See how RUCKUS Networks is at the forefront of this technological revolution. 

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Revolutionizing primary education and Esports

Learn how RUCKUS leverages trends like AI, gamification, and IoT to enhance learning experiences. See how their innovative solutions, including smart antenna technology and secure network controllers, are shaping the future of education.

RUCKUS for large public venues

RUCKUS® equips large public venues with high-performance connectivity solutions for enhanced fan engagement and superior analytics. Our comprehensive offerings support innovative guest connections, complex operations, and safety requirements.

Wi-Fi 7 for gaming
The power of Wi-Fi 7 in Esports

Experience the power of Wi-Fi 7 in Esports with RUCKUS Networks. With its high speeds, low latency, and increased capacity, Wi-Fi 7 is set to revolutionise gaming experiences. RUCKUS, a pioneer in supporting enterprise-class devices, is leading this transformation, promising a new era in Esports. 

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RUCKUS AI RRM is designed to manage complex and dynamic enterprise networks. It tackles challenges posed by mobile and IoT technologies, as well as the introduction of the 6 GHz spectrum. By efficiently managing the Wi-Fi environment, it ensures optimal network performance despite potential RF interference.