Connecting workers to boost productivity and efficiency

RUCKUS understands the critical role that wireless connectivity plays in the manufacturing and warehousing industries and delivers cutting edge high-performance and reliable network solutions. 

Wireless is not just a convenience, but a necessity for connected workers. It enables real-time communication and data access, which are crucial for coordinating tasks, tracking inventory, and making informed decisions on the fly. 

In dynamic environments like warehouses and manufacturing plants, where conditions can change rapidly, having reliable wireless connectivity can significantly enhance operational efficiency and productivity in these areas: 


  • Connected Forklifts
  • Warehouse Tablets
  • Handheld Scanners
  • Worker safety systems
  • AR/VR Headsets 


Increases operational efficiency

Using digital wireless devices, workers can connect to inventory databases, order management systems, and communication platforms that track inventory, manage shipments, and ensure accurate order fulfillment.  Thus, the connected worker is significantly enhancing operational efficiencies on manufacturing and warehouse floor.   


Improves collaboration throughout the factory and warehouse floor 

Real-time communication allows workers to connect to each other anywhere throughout the facility.  RUCKUS solutions enable a wide range of applications, such as real-time video streams, VoIP, and other latency-sensitive applications.  For example, RUCKUS AP’s have a built-in quality of service feature for a demanding multi-media environment, reducing the need for physical presence to effectively communicate.


Improves visibility over operations  

With the capability to access this data on a mobile tablet, supervisors gain flexibility and responsiveness, enabling them to make informed decisions anytime, anywhere, optimizing productivity and driving continuous improvement initiatives across the plant floor. This mobile visibility empowers supervisors to proactively address issues, streamline workflows, and ultimately enhance overall operational performance. Increased operational visibility empowers workers and managers to proactively address problems, streamline workflows, and improve productivity.

Customer Success Stories
Northwest Harvest

Non-profit distributes millions of meals with RUCKUS® switches and cloud-managed access points.

AZ Armaturen CS hero_500
AZ Armaturen

By using RUCKUS CommScope equipment, AZ Armaturen fixes connection issues and can deploy IoT systems.

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