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Join hosts John Deegan and Jim Palmer as they offer insider insights into wired and wireless network equipment and software. RUCKCast podcasts are informal bi-weekly chats that discuss everything Wi-Fi and computer networking and sometimes feature special guests as well as RUCKUS® Networks products.

Jim is a Sr. Staff Solutions Architect at RUCKUS Networks and CWNE #304 who loves to exercise by jumping to conclusions. After a busy day of exercising, he likes to ponder his favorite quotes like “It Depends” from Sam Clements. To relax after such stressful days, he likes to listen to symphonic heavy metal bands from Finland. I mean, who doesn’t do that?

John is a Senior SE at RUCKUS Networks and CWNE #341. When not working with customers, he spends his time as the co-host of the RUCKCast talking about Wi-Fi and networking topics. After spending time with his family, he gets to talk again, but about something slightly less contentious and violent than Wi-Fi…pro wrestling!

Your RUCKcast hosts
Jim Palmer Sr. Staff Solutions Architect tl;dr - "Quick-witted, hardworking beast of burden; purveyor of Oreo's."
John Deegan Senior SE Jim made me do this. 

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