AVE Union

Luxury apartment uplevels resident experience with 300,000-square-foot personal, secure Wi-Fi

AVE Union, a luxury apartment building in New Jersey, sought to extend high-performance Wi-Fi to all residents to improve their working and living experience. To set itself apart from competitors, the property deployed an enterprise-grade RUCKUS® Wi-Fi network. Managed by Intello by TELUS Business, it is based on RUCKUS SmartZone™ network controllers, access points (APs), ICX switches, and Cloudpath® Enrollment System. Cloudpath, which integrates via API with Intello’s own resident portal, enables residents to connect to the network quickly, easily and securely. All residents have VLAN-based personal networks in their apartments, accessible across the 300,000-sq.-ft. property with their own secure password.

Fast Facts
  • Luxury residential community in New Jersey
  • 300,000-sq.-ft. property-wide Wi-Fi network
  • Poor Wi-Fi performance for residents
  • Inefficient network onboarding
  • Limited IT control
  • RUCKUS indoor and outdoor access points
  • Virtual SmartZone network controller
  • ICX switches
  • Cloudpath Enrollment System
  • Delivers always-on, high-performance Wi-Fi
  • Streamlines network onboarding—1,000+ devices onboarded in one weekend with zero helpdesk calls
  • Provides a personalized connectivity experience for residents with virtualized personal networks
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