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Guest experience is the only metric that matters in the hospitality industry. There’s a high bar to meet, but the right network can lay a solid foundation for exceptional experiences and improved brand loyalty. That’s the reason so many hospitality properties turn to RUCKUS® for technologies that deliver exceptional guest connectivity experiences. A RUCKUS network delivers immediate and long-term ROI through a combination of revenue generation and operational cost reductions.  

A RUCKUS network delivers VIP experiences for every guest with:  

  • Wi-Fi and switching connectivity
  • IT and OT convergence
  • IoT integration
  • Analytics
  • Safety, security and loss prevention 
A RUCKUS network


Maximizes the benefits of IT and OT convergence

Converging your IT and OT stacks makes it easier to integrate information from siloed systems (including your property management system and guest authentication) carried over the RUCKUS network. With convergence, you have a major building block for personalizing the guest experience—from reservations to check-in to pre-setting smart systems for guest preferences. Behind the scenes, sending information over RUCKUS access points (APs), integrated with the RUCKUS IoT platform, can fundamentally change the efficiency and effectiveness of back-end operations.

  • Preventive maintenance alerts can save on labor and reduce insurance premiums
  • Connected door locks transmitting their status over your RUCKUS network can alert staff to everything from low batteries to suspicious key card use (and save money on door lock beacons)
  • Leak detection sensors can prevent catastrophic water damage
  • Asset tagging helps with loss prevention and eliminates tedious staff rounds (a food tray can report when it’s in the hallway for pickup!)


Improves the connected guest experience

RUCKUS connectivity provides more options for crafting the guest experience. Owners and operators can create new services, make them more personalized and deliver them more efficiently. With a RUCKUS network you can:

  • Connect mobile devices, IoT sensors and devices, smart appliances, HVAC, and operational and security systems
  • Provide consistent, ubiquitous connectivity across your property
  • Monetize new areas with high-density and outdoor Wi-Fi coverage
  • Use the RUCKUS Analytics™ hospitality dashboard to “see” the guest experience, brand compliance, the health of the network, security status and more


Increases guest and staff safety

Safety is an integral part of the guest experience. This includes physical safety, information privacy and, since the pandemic, compliance with health regulations. The RUCKUS IoT platform simplifies integration of IoT devices and systems, including:

  • Contactless (keyless) check-in
  • Connected door locks
  • Automated control of heating and lighting
  • Staff panic buttons
Customer Stories
Royal Park Hotel

The Royal Park Hotel offers an award-winning guest experience. To continually enhance that experience, the hotel’s engineering team selected RUCKUS help them make secure entry into IoT guess services.

Barrière Group

The Barrière Group ensures a flawless high-speed internet connection through quality Wi-Fi at all times to meet their clients’ high expectations and employees’ work needs, wherever they are in their premises.

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Grand Hyatt at San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

CommScope was uniquely positioned to bring a comprehensive range of innovative wired and wireless networking solutions to the table.

JW Marriot Marquis Case Study Video

Research has shown that hotel guests will report a bad experience due to slow Wi-Fi, and the incumbent solution at the JW Marriott Marquis was impacting guest satisfaction at the hotel. Learn how RUCKUS solutions saved the hotelier money and improved ratings.

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 RUCKUS-hospitality Card Hero 500 x 281

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