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The primary mission of military and civilian federal agencies—protecting and serving citizens—depends on reliable, secure access to information. The world is more connected and mobile, and people have more options than ever for accessing this information. As the number of devices and channels to access data grows, so does the need for an efficient and effective network.

RUCKUS Networks enables federal organizations to update their network infrastructure in a scalable, cost-effective and secure manner. We offer a complete range of wireless access points, Ethernet switching products and management tools to support agencies’ wired and wireless connectivity, including a wide range of FIPS-certified technologies. We make life easier for IT teams and accelerate IT modernization.

List of FIPS-certified solutions

RUCKUS® technologies help government work better for people

Deliver better user experiences

Better user experiences can mean a more productive organization. From converged indoor networks to ruggedized outdoor connectivity, RUCKUS wireless networks connect your always-on users everywhere and anywhere.


Delivers government-grade reliability and security

With decades of networking experience, RUCKUS Networks builds IT and OT environments that help you achieve stable, secure, uninterrupted connections for both connected people and connected things.


Optimizes simplicity and efficiency

RUCKUS Networks simplifies network complexity by minimizing network silos, consolidating wired and wireless infrastructure, automating network monitoring and providing a single source of management for your entire physical layer.

We're ready to help

RUCKUS builds and delivers purpose-driven networks that perform in the tough environments of the industries we serve. Meet our expert sales and engineering team now and find out how we can help you with your digital transformation initiatives!

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