Latin American Football Stadiums

FANXP connects football stadiums with RUCKUS Networks and generates new sources of revenue for soccer clubs

Op-1-Estadio alianza lima

In several countries around the world, especially in Latin America, soccer is a national passion that brings millions of fans to stadiums. ​

This is an audience already accustomed to accessing the internet and interacting with the digital world through multiple devices. However, when encouraging their team at the stadium, they face analog experiences that could lead to missing opportunities to make the experience memorable. ​​

That is why, together with FANXP, we’ve enabled football clubs and historic stadiums, such as La Bombonera, to elevate the game in the arenas through seamless connectivity and personalized experiences for fans. ​

Discover how to transform fan engagement with immersive experiences while generating new club revenue streams through smart stadiums.


Fast Facts
  • Three arenas of major Latin American football clubs
  • The stadiums welcome more than 130,000 football fans per week.
  • Stadiums with more than 50 years of tradition.
  • Experience at the stadium was analog and becoming obsolete.
  • Absence of advanced analytics of stadium audience for business intelligence.
  • Lack of reliable connectivity to enable digital experiences and new business models.




  • Generation of new revenue streams for soccer clubs
  • Stable high internet speed throughout the sport complex
  • Easy and scalable solution for future investment flexibility.
  • Accurate audience analytics for innovative business models.