San José International Airport

Delivering the fastest airport Wi-Fi in the US


When San José’s Mineta International Airport (SJC), located in the heart of Silicon Valley, underwent a $1.3 billion modernization, they sought to expand the City of San José’s free Wi-Fi network to deliver reliable, high-capacity connectivity for thousands of weekly travelers to enjoy a seamless Wi-Fi experience from the airport to the city’s heavily trafficked downtown core.

Through a partnership with SmartWAVE Technologies and RUCKUS, the airport deployed hundreds of RUCKUS Wi-Fi 6 access points (AP) throughout all passenger terminals and outdoor curbside areas, supported by a multi-gigabit fiber backbone using RUCKUS ICX stackable enterprise-class switches. With RUCKUS technology, SJC now ranks #1 for the fastest free airport Wi-Fi in the US, providing an average download speed of 203 Mbps and delivering an overall improved traveler experience.

Fast Facts
  • More than 12 million passengers in 2023
  • 150 average daily departures in 2023
  • More than 16 TB of weekly traffic
  • Support high-capacity demand
  • Deliver consistent, reliable coverage
  • Ensure performance in a high-density environment
  • Four-fold increase in Wi-Fi speed and range
  • Simplified deployment with centralized management
  • Superior uplink capacity and scalability

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