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Rugged Computing

Crystal Group’s high-performance, high-quality off-the-shelf and custom-designed computing solutions are engineered from the ground up to work reliably, even in the toughest environments and most demanding applications. Aerospace & defense, industrial, and commercial customers count on Crystal Group rugged computers, electronics and fail-safe computing architecture. Crystal Group’s combat-proven, field-tested solutions are deployed on 600 military programs; put them to work for you.

The Best Ruggedized Networking Solution

In today’s net-centric world, our military needs the best equipment for effective communications, ISR, and situational awareness. This is often a challenge, since the harsh environments of an aircraft, ship, or truck are too severe for standard switches and routers. Shock, vibration, temperature, humidity, and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) all come into play in these environments. In order to deliver the most powerful networking capability to the warfighter, networking equipment must be ruggedized.

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Port Density and Speed

The RUCKUS Portfolio typically offers higher port density and speeds than equivalent competing products, at a lower cost.

Open Standards & Protocols 

RUCKUS products operate within the IEEE constructs and support open protocols. In a multi-vendor network, the use of open standards is the best way to provide the most competitive environment and ensure the network is vendor-agnostic.

Redefining the edge

By combining both wired and wireless technologies with one supplier, a cohesive solution is assured while reducing installation time, ensuring compatibility, and enhancing coverage.

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