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Value with Wi-Fi

Aislelabs empowers brick and mortar businesses to visualize and quantify customer behaviour analytics in a physical space, engaging them at scale both online and offline.  Aislelabs brings expertise across several industries including airports, transportation, retail, event spaces, food & beverage, government, and entertainment. Aislelabs is fully integrated with Ruckus and can be deployed in a matter of hours.

Customer engagement through mobile marketing and analytics

AisleLabs works with Ruckus Smart Positioning Technology (SPoT™) to locate any
WiFi enabled devices within range of the indoor or outdoor WiFi network.  AisleLabs offers a suite of products that utilize SPoT location data with additional customer, location and transactional data, to create rich analytics and allow highly targeted customer interactions.

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Drive revenue

Location-based services enables you to provide customers with a unique shopping experience to increase user-engagement through targeted promotions, discounts and loyalty programs.

Operational efficiency

RUCKUS SPoT location engine synthesizes usable location information that can help drive strategic decisions to improve operational and campaign efficiency.

Data privacy

SPoT supports unlimited devices and venues through cloud architecture, while protecting data privacy.

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