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RUCKUS Alliance Partner - Cloud4wi

Customized Wi-Fi Access and Strategic Insights

Cloud4Wi helps enterprises unlock the power of physical locations.
Cloud4Wi works seamlessly on top of RUCKUS Wi-Fi networks, empowering enterprises to effortlessly deliver automatic and secure Wi-Fi access across all locations. Additionally, it unleashes location-aware experiences and drives positive business outcomes, all while ensuring efficient services management.

Connectivity and Data Insights

Cloud4Wi offers a robust solution for enterprises to harness the power of their physical locations by providing secure and automated WiFi access through RUCKUS networks. It enhances customer experiences with location-aware services and aids in making strategic business decisions, all managed efficiently through a single dashboard. With a vast global reach, Cloud4Wi serves notable clients like Burger King and Prada, offering flexible Wi-Fi onboarding, compliance with data protection regulations, and the ability to create targeted location-based interactions. Its adoption of the WBA OpenRoaming framework further extends seamless connectivity to over 3 million networks worldwide, making it a comprehensive tool for enterprises to amplify their data collection and customer engagement strategies.

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Great Connectivity

Creating great connectivity is what RUCKUS has been doing since 2004 and RUCKUS is the very embodiment of network simplicity.

 Intuitive Converged Management

RUCKUS takes the complexity out of deploying and managing your enterprise wired and wireless networks. Intuitive, intent-based workflows expedite provisioning, management, and control of unified wired and wireless networks across multiple sites via a single pane of glass.

AI and Machine Learning

With RUCKUS, IT gets instant, network-wide visibility. An intuitive top-level dashboard provides IT with an omniscient view of network operations across every site. If there’s a problem, you’ll know right away.

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