From Frustration to Relaxation: Transforming Hotel Stays with Seamless Connectivity

Hospitality Gateway by RUCKUS Networks

The Hospitality Gateway by RUCKUS Networks enables the simple and affordable deployment of a unified hospitality services solution, delivering features that maximize revenue, increase guest loyalty, provides actionable user information, improve employee efficiency property-wide, and much more.


We’ve all been there - you step into a luxurious hotel room, eager to unwind after a long day of travel, stream your favorite show on the sleek, flat-screen TV, only to be thwarted by its limited functionality. The contrast between this and your smart TV at home is a familiar frustration for many of us. I know I encounter the same disappointment each time I check into a new hotel – the disparity between the effortless connectivity that I’m used to at home, and the limitations of the poorly architected networks at most hospitality venues. 

What I find interesting, however, is that this frustration isn’t one-sided. Property owners are grappling with their own set of challenges, including the high costs associated with specialized TV software designed for hotels and the traditional network architecture that is designed for a single organizational unit, when a hotel is anything but. 

You see, enterprise networks are designed for a single IT person or organization to operate a network that services a uniform end-user population. They struggle to accommodate the varied needs of individual guests, who should each be treated as their own organizational unit, rather than being forced into a one-size-fits-all system.  Visiting guests expect an experience that mirrors their home life experience, where they can access all the devices in their home seamlessly and securely.  While property owners want to deliver this experience without the need to build an entirely independent network for each room like a guest would have at home. 

PMS Integrated-insights

Microsegmentation offers a solution to these issues by allowing consumer electronic equipment to operate optimally on its own unique network, providing guests a more familiar technology experience. It resolves some of the headaches of misaligned guest expectations. However, implementation introduces its own challenges in terms of time, labor, and expertise, as well as the need for its own management software. This is why I’m such a big proponent of the RUCKUS WAN Gateway

The beauty of the RWG lies in simple efficiency. Unlike other microsegmentation approaches, the RWG allows hospitality properties to deploy standard, off-the-shelf consumer equipment without the need for additional management software. This not only streamlines deployment but also ensures a seamless transition for guests, who can interact with hotel electronics just as they would at home. 

Moreover, RWG doesn’t just stop at individual rooms. The Conference tool extends its capabilities to shared spaces like conference rooms and event venues, and its federated configuration support via the RUCKUS Pack Manager allows deployment to be automated across not just one property but instead across a portfolio of multiple properties with ease. And without the need for specialized software or expert tech support, it can offer property owners significant cost savings while simultaneously upgrading the guest experience. 

Microsegmentation, RWG-style, offers a promising solution to the challenges facing both guests and property owners. It bridges the gap between guest expectations and operational realities, delivering a superior experience while optimizing costs and efficiency. 

Traveling comes with its fair share of stresses, but when I check into a property managed by the RWG, I can rest assured, knowing that network connectivity will not be one of them. 

Note: The RUCKUS WAN Gateway has now received approval by leading global brands as a venue gateway for deployment in hotels and properties across the world.  Contact your RUCKUS Sales representative for more details. 


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