RUCKUS AI-Driven Wi-Fi 7 Solution is where brilliance meets recognition!

We take immense pleasure in announcing that RUCKUS R770, industry’s very first enterprise-class AI-driven Wi-Fi 7 solution, wins one of the most coveted “Innovation of the year” award by The Wi-Fi Awards. This is an accolade that not only recognizes exceptional ingenuity but also pays tribute to the tireless pursuit of excellence that drives progress in the ever-evolving world of networking.

RUCKUS AI-Driven Wi-Fi 7 Solution is where brilliance meets recognition!

Why are we so excited about this?

First and foremost, let us look at the mission of The Wi-Fi Awards -

“To recognize Companies, Individuals, and Products that demonstrate unique excellence and achievements with extraordinary contributions to the community. The Award Recipients exemplify the highest standards to promote and expand the wireless industry.”

Innovation of the year award 2024 RUCKUS Networks Wi-Fi award

Secondly, focusing on this award, this “Innovation of the year award” winner must help solve an industry challenge and provides significant value to the community. Just like many other things, there is more to it than that. Strictly speaking, the winner of this award must ace other contenders in the following considerations -

It must:

  1. be a groundbreaking Innovation
  2. address real challenges
  3. easily integrate with other elements
  4. offer ease of use and manageability
  5. offer value
  6. deliver functionality as promised

Clearly, The Wi-Fi Awards asked a lot of this winner. Yet, we won!

If the discussion so far has piqued your curiosity, let us discuss what is so special about RUCKUS R770, The First Enterprise-Class Wi-Fi 7 Solution Driven by RUCKUS AI.

RUCKUS R770 The First Enterprise-Class Wi-Fi 7 Solution Driven by RUCKUS AI

If I ever feel the need to convey it in one single breath, then here it is -

Ultra-fast, low-latency wireless connectivity with unprecedented capacity and efficiency

I oversimplified. Just like any other thing in life, it is never that simple. RUCKUS R770 stands tall on these five pillars -

  1. Superior Throughput and Capacity
    • RUCKUS BeamFlex+ on all three bands dramatically improves throughput and range.
    • 4K QAM and 320 MHz wide channels take full advantage of the 6 GHz spectrum and deliver unprecedented throughput
    • 10 Gbps Ethernet port eliminates backhaul bottleneck
    • AI Driven Radio Resources Management simplifies support and enhances network performance
    • Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) boosts signal strength and range by enabling the use of Standard Power (SP) mode at 6 GHz
  2. Adaptive Resilience
    • Multi-Link Operation (MLO) improves reliability by transmitting data across multiple links to prevent interruptions.
    • Better Wi-Fi resiliency through AI driven automated incident classification and recommended remediation steps
  3. Reduced Latency
    • RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 enhancements including smart QoS mirroring deliver the deterministic latency applications need
    • Wi-Fi 7 new set of QoS features to improve user experience in various scenarios.
  4. Advanced Security Simplified
    • RUCKUS exclusive DPSK3 adds the power of DPSK to WPA3 combining advanced security with the flexibility and ease of use of dynamic passphrase to secure network access.
    • Secure boot and TPM 2.0 offers hardware-level protection against malware and sophisticated cyberattacks
  5. Built-in Modern IoT Stack
    • Built-in IoT radio for BLE & Zigbee support and USB port for additional expandability
    • Broad Pre-integrated IoT solutions/ecosystems
    • Matter and Thread ready*
      • *Expected to be available in a future software release

Now you know just why RUCKUS R770 won this award, beating so many other formidable solutions, two from one of our competitors. If you are curious who those two are, then read more on the Wi-Fi Awards website. 

If you read all this far and felt the need to learn more about Wi-Fi 7 without any sales pitch, we have a ton of material for you.

If you are ready to take the plunge, reach out to your RUCKUS point of contact today or ping me via email and we will hook you up with some trial gear (where possible).

In closing, this award goes to all our customers, partners, and employees. Without your ongoing support and encouragement, we would not have been able to punch above our weight and innovate beyond our own wildest imaginations. Here is to the limitless potential that lies ahead!


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