FETC: What was all the RUCKUS about?

FETC 2024 was one for the books! The RUCKUS team had a blast presenting on Wi-Fi 7, demoing our products and solutions, and giving away RUCKUS puppies. Read all about what happened this year at FETC 2024.

Last month the RUCKUS team attended the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) in Orlando, and we still can’t stop talking about it! FETC is one of the largest K-12 education technology conferences in the United States, with over 10,000 attendees and 400 exhibitors. We had a blast speaking at our technology solution seminar, chatting with attendees at our booth, and learning more about K-12 technology. Weren’t able to join us? Here’s what you missed.

FETC 2024 recap

We kicked off FETC with a speaking session with RUCKUS Consulting Systems Engineer Terry Henry. Terry took the stage to discuss Wi-Fi 7 and how this new standard will not only take network performance to a whole new level, but how it will change the traditional core network forever. Over 100 attendees joined the conversation and contributed to a great discussion about Wi-Fi 7 to get FETC started! If you were unable to attend but still want to learn about the next generation of Wi-Fi® technology, you can learn more on our Wi-Fi 7 page.

We continued the conversations inside the exhibit hall at our booth. We talked about our primary education solutions with live in-booth demos and gave away RUCKUS puppies to winners of our claw machine. Our puppies stir up such a RUCKUS! In our booth, we highlighted three solutions: Wi-Fi innovation and AI, IT advantages, and student and educator benefits.

Wi-Fi innovations and AI

As innovation in Wi-Fi continues, RUCKUS is embracing the Wi-Fi 7 revolution. Demos of our R770 access point—the first enterprise-class Wi-Fi 7 access point driven by RUCKUS AI™—were a huge hit at FETC! Benefits of this revolutionary technology include increased speed and capacity, reduced latency, and dramatically better throughput (just to name a few). For primary education, this means Wi-Fi 7 will transform a school’s or a district’s network. Schools and districts that adopt Wi-Fi 7 will see myriad benefits, including fast and reliable Wi-Fi for student recreational activities such as esports, more efficient networks with optimized IT operations, enhanced security and safety, and so much more.

We also got to chat with attendees about RUCKUS One™, a cloud-based platform that uses AI to simplify network management and deliver exceptional end user experiences for staff, teachers, and students. 

IT advantages

In addition to the benefits RUCKUS One provides to IT teams, we also got to demo RUCKUS AI and RUCKUS SmartZone™ and speak about the benefits they can provide to primary education IT teams. RUCKUS AI provides visibility into network operations, which can accelerate network troubleshooting by identifying and recommending remediation steps for service issues. For schools, this means that even lean IT teams can easily manage and troubleshoot their network so less time can be spent on help tickets and more time can be spent on their most important initiatives. Also providing benefits to IT teams is RUCKUS SmartZone controllers, which offer a unified platform for monitoring APs and switches. SmartZone controllers provide comprehensive visibility and control, automated discovery and provision, and features that allow enhanced network performance and security. SmartZone controllers can also automate routine tasks, which simplifies life for IT staff and again frees up time to focus on other projects.

Student and educator benefits

The third focus of our booth was student and educator benefits, which gave us the opportunity to speak to attendees about Cloudpath® Enrollment System—a cloud service or on-premises software that delivers reliable and secure access for any device and user. As bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies increase, this solution becomes critically important to simplify onboarding for students and teachers. With easy onboarding, teachers can spend more time teaching and students can spend more time learning, instead of spending hours trying to connect devices to the network.

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth and helped make FETC 2024 a huge success! If you didn’t have a chance to talk to our team in Orlando but want to learn more about our K-12 solutions, you can begin the conversations with us or explore our K-12 solutions page.


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