Take Wi-Fi® to the next level with RUCKUS Networks supporting Wi-Fi 6 and 6E

Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) is the foundation of many growing enterprise networks. It evolves beyond the 802.11ac standard in its dynamic bandwidth allocation and MIMO capabilities. It’s also backward-compatible with Wi-Fi 5, making it a simple, flexible deployment option for fast-growing networks serving education, hospitality, multi-dwelling units and other environments. 

Wi-Fi 6E is the next generation of WLAN performance, adding the 6 GHz band and its massive bandwidth and clean spectrum that’s the express lane to your network’s future.  

RUCKUS Networks is at the forefront of this new frontier in performance, with access points (APs) and switches designed to leverage both the flexibility of Wi-Fi 6 and the expanded bandwidth of Wi-Fi 6E. 

RUCKUS unlocks the benefits of an upgraded network
Increases throughput with Wi-Fi 6 capacity 

While Wi-Fi 6 quadruples Wi-Fi 5 throughput out of the box, RUCKUS Wi-Fi 6 WLAN technologies use 1024-QAM modulation to increase data rates for compliant devices by up to 25 percent—making it the de facto standard for networks covering large numbers of users and devices, including legacy devices. 

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Provides next-gen bandwidth with Wi-Fi 6E 

Released in 2020, Wi-Fi 6E extends Wi-Fi 6 into the 6 GHz band to deliver up to 9.6 Gbps throughput. RUCKUS APs and switches built just to support the incredible improvements available from Wi-Fi 6E are available now, ready to help your network deploy bandwidth and performance that’s literally state of the art.  

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Delivers peak performance, even in challenging environments 

Because Wi-Fi 6E encompasses so much bandwidth, there are regulatory limits on indoor AP power levels to prevent interference with legacy platforms and devices. RUCKUS Networks offers a range of technologies, such as BeamFlex™, to help ensure higher QAM rates and peak performance in challenging deployments. 

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