RUCKUS® outperforms four competing Wi-Fi 6 access points in independently validated Wi-Fi stress test

Wireless access point capabilities tested in a real-world, high client-density environment

Packet6 recently validated a series of “out-of-the-box” performance tests that measured the ability of five enterprise vendors’ cloud-managed, 4x4 Wi-Fi 6 access points (AP) to simultaneously stream high-definition video to 30 clients, carry VoIP traffic for 5 clients  and download data to 25 clients. The tests were carried out in a clean RF environment using industry-standard test tools and best practices.

The result: RUCKUS was the only vendor able to simultaneously deliver stall-free streaming HD video to every client and support a “good” (4 out of 5) voice mean opinion score (MOS), while delivering as much as twice the throughput.


“Wi-Fi issues are displayed clearly with no room for interpretation and with no requirement for additional research. Data visualization included with the analysis serves to shorten the MTTI.”

- Rowell Dionicio, Packet6

Network analytics with AI and ML helps IT minimize mean time to identify (MTTI)

Because Wi-Fi is typically a critical network access method, network administrators are often required to triage and troubleshoot various network issues. Cloud-managed wireless access points can leverage cloud resources to deliver network analytics and enhanced troubleshooting tools. The goal of this testing is to understand how quickly each vendor’s product reacts to and reveals to the network administrator the root cause of network incidents.

Report reveals how vendors stack up under real-world enterprise pressure

Enterprises are leveraging mobile devices with real-time, low-latency applications; and mission-critical applications need reliable, high-performing Wi-Fi. In hotels, guests are joining video conferences in their rooms and rely on a stable Wi-Fi network. In the classroom, laptops and tablet devices consume multimedia for instructional purposes.

Video use and video traffic volume is increasing alongside data and VoIP, it is imperative to understand the impact of network loading on end-user experience for all of these applications.

Download Full Wi-Fi Stress Test Report