Stafford County Area School District

Large and diverse school district is prepared for new digital learning initiatives with CommScope RUCKUS®

Stafford County Area School District

Stafford County Public Schools needed an advanced network infrastructure that would support new applications and experiences for students throughout the district. Network administrators were frustrated with the district’s aging wired and wireless network, which couldn’t handle demands from students—much less those from teachers and staff. The district needed a network that supported student productivity and remote learning. In addition, it needed a solution that didn’t require dedicating expensive, full-time IT resources to keep it up and running.

CommScope’s RUCKUS portfolio of high-speed Wi-Fi solutions provided the powerful, flexible network that could serve multiple roles with improved coverage and capacity. The result is strong coverage for even bandwidth-intensive applications such as distance learning, esports and immersive education using virtual and augmented reality. The solutions also helped the district enhance security throughout all schools.

  • Support any online initiative at any school
  • Visibility and information about the health of the network
  • Upgrade expensive chassis switching for higher speeds and reliable performance
  • Diverse online programs supported include Google Expeditions, cloud-based applications, electronic sports clubs, space labs, virtual teaching, 1:1 Chromebooks and more
  • End-to-end visibility through a single management console
  • Increased speeds for bandwidth-intensive online applications and redundancy across school system
  • Strengthened security, including authenticating BYOD, guest users and IT-owned devices
  • Stronger physical security for emergencies, direct access to law enforcement and building security
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