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RUCKUS® Cloud Wi-Fi enables Schoenen Torfs to build central and easy to manage Wi-Fi network in 75 stores

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“RUCKUS Cloud Wi-Fi has enormous value add for us”

At the end of 2017, Schoenen Torfs decided to replace the existing Wi-Fi network in all of its 75 stores. IT partner was asked to source a new connectivity network that was more stable and powerful than the existing system, and that could also generate information about customer movements in the long term. “We also wanted a centrally managed system in the cloud,” says Raf de Leu, IT Manager at Schoenen Torfs. “No longer dependent on individual controllers, easy to roll out and full unburdening.” After an extensive test period and careful consideration, Torfs opted for RUCKUS Cloud Wi-Fi and access points (APs).

Wi-Fi is extremely important when it comes to the digital infrastructure in Torfs’ stores. The mobile scanners for inventory and stock management and many other devices are connected to the back-office systems over the wireless network. Moreover, since 2012, Torfs has been the most customer-friendly shoe retailer in Belgium and offers free Wi-Fi in-store.

  • Full unburdening when it comes to the Wi-Fi network
  • Central management from a single point
  • Full coverage, high capacity and network speed
  • Simple, fast deployment and onboarding of access points
  • Future-oriented solution: continuous refreshment and expansion
  • Full Wi-Fi network in over 75 store locations for customers and back office
  • Cloud Wi-Fi centralized management through the central cloud portal
  • Delivery of over 300 RUCKUS H510 access points
  • Use of BeamFlex+ technology for maximum reach, high speed, and large capacity
  • Very fast and efficient roll out within five weeks across 75 stores
  • Simple central management
  • Unburdening of IT department
  • Carrying out everything in-house
  • High customer and employee satisfaction
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