Latvian Song and Dance Festival

See how RUCKUS Solutions successfully supported the largest festival in Latvia this year.  

Experience seamless connectivity at the Latvian Song and Dance Festival with RUCKUS solutions, partnered with and made by Maxicoms. Held every five years, this generational event is the largest festival in Latvia, testing the limits of communication technology. With 200,000 tickets sold and 40,000 participants, reliable 4G, 5G, and Wi-Fi is essential.  

RUCKUS delivered a secure and stable connection with 40 strategically placed indoor and outdoor access points, ensuring a secure and smooth experience. Our SmartZone technology optimizes network management, reducing wait times and enhancing guest satisfaction. From scanning ID cards on the phone to maintaining stable ticket control, RUCKUS provides the robust, secure connections essential for a successful festival. Trust RUCUS to elevate your event with cutting-edge technology. 


Requirements for this project
  • Error-free entry card and ticket control is important for security and guest experience  
  • Seamless connections, both outdoor and indoor  
  • Smooth and strong connection for efficient ticket scanning 

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