Butler University

Butler University builds a better network and saves $1 million with RUCKUS 


Founded in 1855, Butler University believes in providing an innovative, student-centered community that can’t be found elsewhere. In 2023, Butler was ranked #1 in Best Colleges in Regional Universities in the Midwest and #1 Most Innovative School by U.S. News & World Report.

To stay ahead of the technology curve, Butler recently partnered with AvantBlue, a technology solutions company from the greater Indianapolis area, to create and test a new wired and wireless network refresh. In this new plan, Butler would address all past issues as well as prepare for trends that might become future challenges.

To help them design a network of the future, AvantBlue chose RUCKUS® Networks as their technology partner. To test Butler’s new design, RUCKUS tackled the three most problematic areas first: Jordan Memorial Hall, Butler Terrace & South Campus Apartments, and Esports Park.

Fast Facts
  • A private university in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Serves more than 5,500 students and nearly 400 staff members
  • Composed of 58 buildings across a 300-acre campus
  • Ranked #1 in Best Colleges in Regional Universities Midwest by U.S. News and World Report
  • Refresh and future-proof aging wired and Wi-Fi® network
  • Eliminate dead zones and interference issues in old buildings
  • Deliver dependable connectivity across 300 acres
  • Reduce CapEx and OpEx
  • RUCKUS Wi-Fi 6E access points (APs): R560s, R760s
  • RUCKUS switching: ICX7150s, ICX7850s, ICX7650s
  • RUCKUS AI™, Virtual SmartZone™
  • RUCKUS Cloudpath® Enrollment System
  • $1 million in savings
  • Faster speeds, more bandwidth, easy onboarding
  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Simple management and maintenance

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