Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Thanks to RUCKUS Networks, Blackpool Pleasure Beach will continue to ensure top-tier guest experiences and superior park and hotel performance 

Blackpool Pleasure Beach needed a robust Wi-Fi network to support up to 15,000 guests. The goal was to provide reliable, secure connectivity to enhance business operations and customer enjoyment. Scalability and easy management were also crucial.

RUCKUS delivered with indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi 6 access points, ICX switches, SmartZone, and RUCKUS AI. The new network improved operational efficiency by reducing onsite tickets, replacing physical reporting, and enabling safety checks via app. Guests now enjoy seamless, secure connectivity throughout the park and hotels. The network is scalable, ready to grow with the business. 


Requirements for this project
  • To provide a robust Wi-Fi® network to support up to 15,000 guests  
  • To provide reliable and secure isolated Wi-Fi connectivity to improve business operations  
  • To make customers’ stay more enjoyable  
  • Scalability  
  • Easy management  
  • High user density 
  • Security 
  • Management and control 
  • Resulting in an unremarkable user experience  
  • Improved operational efficiency by:
    • Reducing the number of onsite tickets  
    • Replacing all physical reporting  
    • Doing safety checks on all the rides  
    • Doing temperature F&B checks via app  
  • Elevated guests’ experience  
  • Able to scale as the business grows  

To learn more about this project:

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