RUCKUS indoor access points and SmartZone controllers deliver dependable WLAN access for thousands of students in Germany

The city district of Baden-Baden, with a population of 55,000, continually updates its curriculum to prepare its students for their professional futures. To provide students with a head start in internet and digital technologies, the district launched a smart learning initiative. A fundamental part of the plan was access to digital instruction, but most schools lacked wireless LAN access. Baden-Baden deployed a RUCKUS® network supporting 20 schools. The network gives 6,800 students secure access to digital content, backed by centralized administration. With uncomplicated, secure onboarding, it delivers easy access to engaging, interactive instruction that provides students with the digital skills they need today and tomorrow.

Fast Facts
  • 20 schools in a town of 55,000
  • 6,800 students and 400 teachers
  • Support digital learning across 20 schools with wireless access
  • Enable frictionless, secure onboarding
  • Provide centralized administration
  • RUCKUS SmartZoneTM controllers
  • RUCKUS indoor access points
  • Enables an interactive digital learning experience for users
  • Simplifies configuration and installation
  • Scales to support students and instructors now and in the future
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