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RG Nets is the leading provider of gateways and centralized-authentication appliances designed to manage, provision, and protect revenue-generating networks. rXg turn-key gateways offer customer networks of all sizes a single integrated network-provisioning appliance for cost-effective and scalable network deployments. All of the functions and features required in today’s revenue-generating policy-enforcement networks are bundled in one rXg device. Headquartered in Carson City, NV, RG Nets has a worldwide sales and technical support organization, along with a global network of resellers and integrators. With over a decade of experience in this space, the team at RG Nets delivers unparalleled solutions to maximize the profitability of your network.

Personal Student Networks

When students arrive on campus, their own personal network—with all of their
personal devices, and no one else’s—is ready for them. Everything just works. Each student sees only their own devices, so they don’t have to worry about someone down the hall accessing their stuff.  Since onboarding is entirely self-service, campus IT can expect a huge reduction in helpdesk calls on move-in day. 

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Lock WiFI
Strong security

Ruckus’ Cloudpath Enrollment System uses both PEAP- and EAP-TLS IEEE802.1X
authentication allowing users to securely onboard their devices.


Cloudpath streamlines network onboarding for BYOD users, guests and IT-owned

Reduce costs 

Cloudpath dramatically reduces helpdesk tickets related to network access.

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