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Positron, RUCKUS Networks partner alliance

Gigabit over Coax

Positron Access Solutions manufactures products used by Tier-1 carriers and over 250 Tier- 2/3 broadband service providers. Positron’s Access Multiplexer (GAM) extends fiber or fixed-wireless gigabit services over the existing in-building wiring in Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU) and Multi-Tenant Units (MTU), delivering a gigabit Ethernet infrastructure for Managed Wi-Fi and other applications. The GAM is designed, manufactured, and supported in North America. Positron is a proud member of the HomeGrid Forum.

Better Together

The Positron Access Access Multiplexer (GAM) provides the perfect Gigabit Ethernet backbone for a managed Wi-Fi infrastructure in brownfield MDUs. The GAM provides a cost-effective alternative by repurposing the existing coax or twisted pair wiring, obviating the need for expensive fiber rewiring. By leveraging the legacy wiring infrastructure, the GAM creates the ideal link between the Ruckus switches and controllers to the Wi-Fi access points.

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Positron MDU solutions by RUCKUS Networks

Great Connectivity

Creating great connectivity is what RUCKUS has been doing since 2004 and RUCKUS Cloud is the very embodiment of network simplicity.

Cost Savings

Organizations leverage the existing RUCKUS access points, RUCKUS switches, and RUCKUS Networks Controllers aggregate and backhaul IoT traffic over the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. 

Redefining the edge

By combining both wired and wireless technologies with one supplier, a cohesive solution is assured while reducing installation time, for compatibility, and enhancing coverage. 

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