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Guest Wi-Fi ®

Cloudi-Fi is a cloud-based SaaS solution that provides international guest Wi-Fi and offers personalized and innovative digital services to visitors and employees thanks to fully customized captive portals in line with the company's brand identity. Cloudi-Fi allows users to enjoy secure and fast Internet access whether at the office or in-store. Thanks to its multi authentication modes capability, Cloudi-Fi helps companies to interact with their customers and enrich their database with the full consent of their visitors.

Complete Wi-Fi Solution

The Cloudi-Fi and Commscope RUCKUS partnership will mutually benefit both companies to extend their coverage through cross businesses and to accelerate their customers digital transformation journey. By leveraging the unprecedented analytical capabilities of this 100% cloud-based platform, user behavior insights are turned into a blueprint for effective marketing campaigns and corporate events and drive business outcomes with a powerful tool.

Connect with RUCKUS Virtual SmartZone

Scale and flexibility

Whether you’re building complex multi-geo networks or delivering multi-tier managed networking services, SmartZone network controllers deliver the scale, flexibility and openness to support the most sophisticated deployment scenarios.

Bolster network resiliency 

SmartZone protects against catastrophic failures by providing intra-cluster, and inter-cluster failover with geo-redundancy and active/active clusters that yields higher availability than hot standby.

Enable next-gen Wi-Fi roaming

Manage hotspot and Wi-Fi roaming between owned and unowned networks with HotSpot 2.0 Release 3, RadSec security, and Google Orion support.

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