RUCKUS Networks Shines at BETT 2024

BETT welcomed Team RUCKUS as part of an extraordinary gathering of over 30,000 individuals from the global education community, including education innovators, pioneering EdTech companies, progressive governments, and charitable organizations.

RUCKUS Networks Shines at BETT 2024

Bett 2024 is done and dusted – the largest edtech event in the world!

Team RUCKUS was part of an extraordinary gathering of over 30,000 individuals from the global education community, including education innovators, pioneering EdTech companies, progressive governments, and charitable organizations. Among them were over 2,000 children and 300 distinguished speakers.

BETT 2024 Recap

What an incredible show the RUCKUS Team had at BETT 2024. We certainly brought the RUCKUS back to BETT again after so many amazing highlights and memories were made.


On Day 1, we kicked off with a session in the Esports theatre entitled "Level Up: Kickstarting your Esports journey in education with RUCKUS Networks". It was great to be joined by two RUCKUS customers for a discussion of how to leverage RUCKUS Networks to create a robust, high-performance network infrastructure that supports schools and universities in their esports journeys. Richard Leadbetter was joined by Matthjis Vink from the H20 Esports Arena in Amsterdam (the largest esports arena in Europe) and Alice Whorley from the British Esports Federation (the largest esports body in the UK).  It was a really insightful discussion that engaged the audience.


Throughout the 3 days, we had a live esports demo on our stand, hosting schools from all over the UK who were participating in the BETT Rocket League Championships, playing practice tournaments.



We hosted a second session on day 2 called "Top marks in sight for education industry with network convergence, cloud, AI, and Wi-Fi 7". In this session, we shared the story of Gardener Schools' lean IT strategy and how it enabled them to deliver the best student learning experience with an AI-driven, cloud-managed converged network and Wi-Fi 7. Joining Mittal Parekh from RUCKUS Networks, was Jessen Chen (Director of Operations, Gardener Schools Group) and Nick Donoghue from our elite partner EducAite.


There were hundreds of attendees who visited the RUCKUS booth over the three days. In addition to live in-booth demos of our primary education solutions, we gave away RUCKUS puppies to claw machine winners. Our primary focus areas were developing a winning Esports network, leveraging an AI-driven converged network for lean IT while improving learning environments with IoT.

RUCKUS Story @BETT 2024

Our advanced network solutions provide the foundation for a connected, innovative, and transformative learning environment.

By harnessing AI, RUCKUS unburdens IT from the everyday tasks; reducing lost teaching time, allowing IT to focus on wider initiatives to engage students and empower educators to create lasting educational outcomes.

Connect: With RUCKUS, connect your educational institution to a world of possibilities. Our robust, reliable, and high-speed network solutions ensure seamless connectivity, enabling students and educators to connect and collaborate effectively.

No matter what device requires connectivity, RUCKUS makes it easy with onboarding workflows that suit your team – and once online, devices are kept suitably segmented with the appropriate security and performance policies required to ensure a consistently great user experience.

Innovate: Innovate with RUCKUS. Our cutting-edge technology and advanced network solutions liberate educational institutions from administrative burden, allowing them to focus on what really matters for their students.

Once connected, RUCKUS AI™ continually monitors the network experience; are SLAs being met, are there any recommendations to improve things? If something is going wrong, RUCKUS AI will triage events and quickly get to the root cause and recommend the fix.

Transform: Transform your educational environment with RUCKUS. Our comprehensive networking solutions, enhanced with AI and Wi-Fi 7, not only enhance connectivity but also facilitate the integration of emerging technologies, driving a transformative change in the way education is delivered.

By easily being able to connect IoT and other devices without the need for separate networks & gateways, and provide connected insights from them, RUCKUS has helped customers deliver measurable transformations.

  • Increasing engagement – flexible classroom settings, better light/ventilation, video lessons/esports
  • Enhanced pupil/teacher safety & wellbeing – anti-vape/anti-bullying, surveillance/smart locks/panic-button lone worker solutions
  • Energy savings / facilities management – energy monitoring, mould/damp/leak detection etc, contractor access/outside events management

RUCKUS + British Esports Partnership


Esports isn’t all about gaming. Scholastic Esports goes beyond the game. A STEM-based curriculum and competitive gaming can provide the best outcomes for students in terms of life lessons and skills. Because of this, RUCKUS Networks is collaborating with British Esports to support Esports programs in schools.

A week before BETT 2024, Britain's national esports federation, British Esports, selected RUCKUS Networks as its preferred networking provider for seamless connectivity at the National Esports Performance Campus in Sunderland for the next generation of elite gamers.

It was a pleasure to showcase our partnership at BETT 2024 and participate in a panel discussion with British Esports.

Thank you!

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of this event, including our customers, booth visitors, and puppy snatchers. All of our partners are greatly appreciated for coming to strategize and spend time with us.

Those who didn't have a chance to talk with our team in London but are interested in learning more about our Education solutions can reach out to our team or browse our Education solutions page.


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