The Evolution that is RUCKUS One

Episode #73 of RUCKCast delves into the evolution of RUCKUS One since its 2016 introduction, discussing its innovative features, scalability, user-centric focus, and offering listeners a free trial of the cutting-edge cloud platform.

Episode #73 of the RUCKCast podcast introduces the latest RUCKUS Cloud service offering, known as RUCKUS One, with Mittal Parekh, Sr Director of Product Marketing at RUCKUS Networks. The episode captures RUCKUS One's evolution from its first announcement in 2016 until today.

Throughout the episode, John Deegan, Jim Palmer, and Mittal emphasize the importance of this evolution and advancement to match the growth in AI in technology. Mittal explains how and why this evolution needed to take place to keep up with the demands of customers across all verticals. The conversation quickly highlights the features, advantages, and potential impact of this innovative technology on networking and connectivity solutions.

RUCKUS One aims to streamline network management and enhance user experience, catering to the evolving needs of businesses and organizations. One of the key advantages of RUCKUS Networks' cloud controller platform is its scalability. Mittal explains how the platform accommodates networks of varying sizes, from small and medium businesses to large enterprises. The flexibility to expand or downsize the network infrastructure according to specific requirements makes it a perfect fit for any organization.

Additionally, the group discusses the platform's intuitive user interface, which simplifies network configuration and monitoring. They discuss how the cloud controller platform empowers administrators with real-time visibility and control over their networks, allowing them to efficiently manage and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Furthermore, the episode explores the platform's compatibility with a wide range of RUCKUS Networks' access points and switches. They emphasize the seamless integration of hardware and software, which contributes to a unified and cohesive networking infrastructure. The primary focus with RUCKUS One is to deliver the end user experience, and to back that up, Mittal offers a free trial for anyone interested.

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