Conversation with Tim Dyer and Zeus Kerravala

Check out this entertaining conversation with Tim Dyer and analyst Zeus Kerravala, where they delve into the long-standing Wi-Fi vs. 5G debate and the findings from a new survey of 400+ enterprises conducted by Zeus at ZK Research.

Conversation with Tim Dyer and Zeus Kerravala

Tim helps break down the myth that 5G and Wi-Fi are competitive by talking about where each is best suited based on his and his team’s work with customers and partners across key vertical industries.

One of the challenges the ZK Research survey raised is that while the majority of enterprises do want to take advantage of both 5G and Wi-Fi, they’re using multiple siloed management systems which are wasting 17% of their time and 19% of their budget which can translate to millions of dollars.

Tim and Zeus discuss the new innovations from CommScope -- RUCKUS One and RUCKUS NaaS – and how they’re addressing this and simplifying Wi-Fi and 5G operations by converging the technologies in a single platform or service.

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