Healthcare should leave the legacy networks behind

The current stresses experienced by healthcare providers today make it the perfect time to take a fresh look at how the network operates. In this blog, Thierry Chau explains that possibilities exist for the network to emerge from the pandemic leaner and smarter than ever.

19_IBW_healthcare_EktronThere’s no arguing with the fact that the middle of an ongoing global pandemic isn’t the easiest time to plan a wide-reaching technology upgrade in your healthcare organization’s network. Yet, in some ways, the current stresses experienced by healthcare providers make it the perfect time to take a fresh look at how the network operates, and what possibilities exist to emerge from the pandemic leaner and smarter than ever.

If there’s one thing the world has learned since the beginning of 2020, it’s that network flexibility and adaptability are even more important than previously believed. Healthcare networks are often constrained by inefficient, isolated legacy systems that are difficult to improve and sometimes impossible to integrate. Now that the rules of healthcare delivery are being completely rewritten, those constraints are becoming more expensive and unsustainable. When operational efficiency suffers, so does your organization’s operational health.

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The challenges ahead—and those already here

The rapid shift to adopt telehealth interactions, digital inpatient services and connected Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) all place new demands on your network and its infrastructure. To keep pace with the need for reliable, adaptable, secure networks, upgrading the network is the only option for upgrading the way patient care is delivered.

At the same time, the significant costs associated with the upgrade can be daunting and healthcare providers need to weigh the solution options against their needs. The investment must be justified by the lifespan of the solution—and that lifespan can be dictated by how robust and adaptable it can be.

The opportunities available with upgraded network infrastructure

A future-ready network means more than just faster physical infrastructure. It means taking a look at the strategies as well as the solutions, to improve the way you deliver healthcare and operate your facilities. The right solutions can empower new approaches, architectures and capabilities, such as:

  • Smart building capabilities that connect heating, cooling, lighting and other environmental and security services to an automated network manager that maximizes comfort while reducing costs
  • Cloud computing that provides a more robust platform than could be realized by on-premise computing, increasing opportunities for analytical processing, operational automation and staff communication
  • 5G networks that deliver the ultimate in high-speed, low-latency performance indoors and out, connecting doctors, staff, patients, visitors and connected IoMT devices like patient wearables
  • Interoperable platforms that break down walls between disciplines and departments, simplifying the sharing of critical information and informing better decisions
  • AI-powered systems that assist in diagnostic accuracy and treatment efficacy
  • Natural language processing (NLP) solutions that can generate accurate medical notes as they are spoken
  • Medical analytics that can efficiently process massive amounts of unstructured data to reveal hidden patterns in treatment, test results and outcomes
  • Operational analytics that can inform leadership decision-making in workflow, safety, sustainability and logistical processes to increase operational efficiency across every aspect of the facility
  • Robotics and augmented reality driven by ultra-high-speed networks that perform complex procedures to deliver more informed decisions and better patient outcomes
  • Secure blockchain systems that enable accurate recordkeeping of inventory and supply chain, financial transactions, patient courses of treatment, insurance claim processing and more
  • Enhanced learning platforms that are necessary to get doctors and staff to quickly and effectively adopt these many beneficial practices, enabling more efficient data sharing in both practice and research settings

These are just some of the new tools available to healthcare providers, and in our post-pandemic world, they will become increasingly essential to the efficient operation of any healthcare organization, from individual practices to hospitals to research facilities.

The one prerequisite that they all share, however, is a robust, future-ready converged network infrastructure—and that’s where CommScope’s unique value as a solution partner shines brightest.

The CommScope advantage

CommScope is a global leader in building the infrastructure that drives the most business-critical services and applications for the healthcare infrastructure—and more to the point, we provide those solutions more simply and more economically.

  • As a comprehensive solutions partner, CommScope can deliver your entire upgraded infrastructure to speed up deployments, eliminate interoperability challenges and simplify procurement.
  • CommScope’s global manufacturing footprint ensures your network can get the technology it needs in whatever quantities are required—without compromising on manufacturing quality.
  • Our worldwide network of designers, planners, installation and support experts are ready to help expedite your deployment and maximize your ROI sooner.
  • Every CommScope infrastructure solution comes with Application Assurance, guaranteeing it will meet application requirements for uptime and performance.

Learn more about how CommScope solutions can help improve your operational efficiency and ensure your healthcare network is ready for whatever comes next.

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