Discover How Dr Pepper Ballpark Transformed Fan Experience with RUCKUS Networks

In an era where digital connectivity is paramount, RUCKUS Networks proudly partnered with Dr Pepper Ballpark, home of the Frisco RoughRiders, to overhaul their Wi-Fi infrastructure. This strategic collaboration aimed to fulfill the ballpark's vision of offering an unmatched fan experience through seamless, high-speed internet access across the venue.

Challenges at the Plate: Dr Pepper Ballpark, with its classic architecture and capacity to host over 10,000 fans, faced the significant challenge of introducing a robust Wi-Fi solution that could cater to the modern fan's expectations without disrupting the venue's aesthetic charm or operational efficiency.

RUCKUS Networks Steps Up to Bat: Choosing RUCKUS Networks for this pivotal project was driven by our integrated, scalable solutions that promise not only to meet but to exceed the connectivity demands of any high-density environment.

  • Robust Network Backbone: Utilizing RUCKUS ICX switches, we laid down a high-speed network foundation enveloping the entire ballpark.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: The strategic placement of indoor and outdoor RUCKUS access points provided wide-ranging coverage, supporting seamless roaming for every attendee.
  • Unparalleled Reliability with SmartZone Controllers: The implementation of dual virtual SmartZone controllers was crucial in network resilience and redundancy, for a flawless online experience for fans at all times.

A Victory for Fan Experience: "Fulfilling our commitment to providing an experience comparable to major-league parks, partnering with RUCKUS was a game-changer," reflects Kevin Lofgren, Chief Marketing Officer, Skinny IT.

Step Inside the Transformation

For industry professionals and enthusiasts alike, this case study is a gateway to understanding the complexities and triumphs of integrating advanced Wi-Fi solutions in a challenging environment.

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