Onboarding Day

Session 1:  Who is RUCKUS? Our Legacy, Values, Core Technology & Technical Family program

Are you a new RUCKUS channel partner or a new member of an existing Channel Partner? If that’s you, then you may have questions. Come to our Technical Family Onboarding Webinar and find out...

Who is RUCKUS? What sets us apart? Why do Partners across the world trust RUCKUS Networks to deliver an exceptional connectivity experience, even in the most difficult environments?

In this live session, you'll get your questions answered as well as learn more about RUCKUS origins and our patented RF Core Technologies like BeamFlex® and BeamFlex+® and ChannelFly™ that enable us to deliver purpose-driven Enterprise network infrastructure that meets the strictest requirements.

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Session 2: RUCKUS Solutions portfolio overview

What can RUCKUS One do for me? Why is Cloudpath such a game-changer? Can we really manage SMB networks, switches, and APs without controllers?

Join this live session to get a good understanding of all RUCKUS solutions, both software and hardware. And don’t hesitate to ask questions, our Systems Engineers will help you out!


Session 3: Partner Portal, Online Training Resources, Support, Community & Intangi Iris 

You are a RUCKUS partner – now what? How can you make BOM building fast and easy? Where to get training and technical resources? Does RUCKUS have a Community to help me address specific challenges?

In this third and final live onboarding session, we'll show you how and where to get support and help at any stage of your projects. We are also going to do a live walkthrough demo of the portals and resources covered so you can get what you need fast!