Distributor Day

RUCKUS ICX switching design Best Practices – EMEA

A correct switching design is fundamental for high-performance and predictable network operations. In this session, we will provide clear guidelines for designing a switching network following best practices using RUCKUS ICX switches. At the end of the session, partners will have a concise understanding of the relevant aspects to consider in their switching projects including the switch model selection, the recommended topologies, and the configuration requirements!


Selecting the right RUCKUS Network Management solution: Unleashed, Cloud or SmartZone? – EMEA

With networks scaling across wired, wireless, and virtual IT environments, network management only becomes increasingly complex putting network admins in need of all the help they can get. RUCKUS always has a solution for you:

  • RUCKUS Unleashed: a simple single-site easy to manage networking solution with no compromises
  • RUCKUS Cloud: a scalable and distributed network with scalability and ease of use
  • RUCKUS SmartZone: reach the maximum level of scalability for large enterprise and MSP that require the complete flexibility and network automation interoperability

Join us for the next RFT Distribution day where we will teach you how to choose the very best network management solutions for your customers.