About RTF

RUCKUS Technical Family (RTF) is a community of networking engineers, architects, admins, consultants, technology enthusiasts and anyone who uses RUCKUS solutions in their professional or personal life.

It's called RUCKUS Technical Family for a reason. The very fabric of our networking channel and industry is its people. Being a part of this family is much more than just signing up for yet another newsletter, webinar or training.

What differentiates RTF

We are a group of techies, passionate about applying the latest technology to create simple yet powerful network solutions. Our goal is to share that passion and expertise with you, and also learn from your experience and talk to you about your ideas. Among us are some of the highest skilled engineers in the world!

With a focus on the specifics in various local markets, our experts offer engaging in-person and virtual events in more than twenty languages to bring new technologies to all interested parties. RTF is a family and creates a comfortable environment where sharing knowledge and building human relationships is promoted amongst its members.

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