RUCKUS Technical Family (RTF) is more than a community. We welcome all networking technology enthusiasts who want to keep up with the latest innovations and apply them in real world networking solutions.

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RUCKUS technical webinars are delivered monthly by our system engineers in over 20 local sessions sharing best practices and practical skills necessary to deploy state-of-the-art RUCKUS wired and wireless networking solutions.

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April 17: BGP EVPN VxLAN – Seamless Campus Networks
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IPTV & Streaming Media; MDU Best Practices
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Discuss your local projects and ask any technical questions using our dedicated RTF forums channel. Our global team of System Engineers take an active part in these discussions, offering help and advice. For the list of all forum topics visit community.ruckuswireless.com.

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This is my second switch and it has failed again. I just want support, but ruckus gives you the run around and won't help it's customers by phone or email anymore. This is piss poor customer service. I need to have someone tell me how to get my switch replaced again.
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I have a Ruckus ICX 7150-C12P / R510 AP that is not working. Specifically, the R510 AP has no lights. This started after a power outage last night. I've tried restarting everything, but has not worked. The Ruckus ICX 7150 has a green System and Power light. I can see the ethernet from my wifi-router to it is green as well.I went into the wifi-router, and saw the Ruckus ICX 7150 connected and tried to connect to it directly, but my login/password apparently didn't work. I tried all the combinations listed here as well:
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My customer is using the Ruckus 1205 WLC product, and I'm having a hard time because I have very little information about it. I'd like some help if it's discontinued or if there's a manual site.
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I'd like to integrate with free radius. what steps should I take to make a user authincate via EAP-TLS method. Is there any documentation which can give me more clear path. Thank in advance.
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I have R650 that we use and they are not coming up in the SZ. Rebooted and reset them many times and the SZ never sees them. Been having this issue for the last few deployments.Controller version
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I have R350, R550 and R650 APs.We're using WPA2. We are having problems with apple devices, they connect to the WiFi and loses the internet when they goes to sleep (without disconnecting from the WiFi). I have to disable and enable WiFi on the device to get internet again. It is not a problem of coverage or interference because android devices and laptops does not have that problem.Does any of you have a solution for this?
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The RUCKUS education team from CommScope brings you interesting topics with a wide range of guests to sit down and discuss all things that make up the product portfolio. We'll discuss topics including products from our portfolio, WiFi, routing and switching and more! We can't wait to share with you what our teams are up to.

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The RUCKUS Education channel focuses on explaining fundamental concepts and protocols in the Wired and Wireless networking arena. We also provide demonstrations of different tasks in relation to the RUCKUS brand of products.

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Check out our library of technical documents: release notes, configuration, best practice, deployment guides and more!

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