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Facing the Challenge of a Rapidly Changing World

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The hospitality industry has seen staggering growth over a number of years and increased disruption as brands adapt to millennials and their rapidly changing requirements be around living, working, eating and connecting. In-fact the changes are not unlike what is being experienced in the work place. Not all brands have adapted, and many are facing an uphill struggle to reinvent themselves (offerings, staff, F&B etc) but also their assets to deal with these changes.

Those that have been successful have often done so based purely on new builds or in-depth renovations and above property scalable systems thus posing the question of whether – their core technology infrastructure had been built with change in mind. What are the fundamentals to be able to deal with change at a property level? And above property level, what changes do we expect going forward and what best practices can the industry adopt to prepare for these? Join us to hear our view on the topics and more importantly to give us yours.

Webinar presenters

Juan Aguirre Director of Hospitality and MDU Solutions CommScope

Carl Weldon Chief Operating Officer Europe HFTP (Hospitality Finance and Technology Professionals)

Paul Nisbett Finance Director Valor Hospitality Partners

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