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Connecting Communities with Public Wi-Fi – Where there’s will, there’s a Way

  • Region: Global
  • Category: Wireless Access Points, Wi-Fi 6
  • Language: English
  • 55 minutes

With a largely rural, underserved population in the Rio Grande valley of South Texas, Hidalgo County is home to 850,000 residents and has more than a dozen school districts and two colleges. Texas Governor Mr. Greg Abbott says, "Broadband access is not a luxury it is an essential tool that must be available to all Texans", and we at RUCKUS agree wholeheartedly.

Join Daniel Salinas, Director of IT, Hidalgo County, Texas, Al Brown, President & CEO, SmartWAVE, John Brooks, Network Professional Services Director, Insight and CommScope’s Mittal Parekh, Senior Director Product Marketing in a fireside chat to discuss “Narrowing the digital divide: How Hidalgo County, Texas, closed the gap”.

This fireside chat is part of the Wi-Fi Now global summit and will feature how:

  • Working together, the County and Insight quickly and cost-effectively closed the digital divide for thousands of residents
  • Nearly 24,000 students now have reliable, secure access to the internet, and so do their families
  • CommScope RUCKUS changed lives of 35,000 Texans from Hidalgo County forever by providing access to free Wi-Fi

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Webinar presenters

Daniel Salinas Director of IT Hidalgo County, Texas
Al Brown President & CEO SmartWAVE
John Brooks Network Professional Services Director Insight
Mittal Parekh Sr Director, Product Marketing, RUCKUS Networks, CommScope Mittal is responsible for Product Marketing, Technical Marketing, and Influencer Marketing focusing on innovative product and solution in Wi-Fi, Switching, Cloud, Analytics, IoT and security areas.

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