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Future-proof Network Elevates Student Experience

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The surge in smart devices, digitized teaching, changes in student learning and IT consumerization are all driving the demand for better campus Wi-Fi. Schools must rise to meet this demand to attract and retain students else risk losing out to betterequipped campuses. As students and teachers work together to drive learning and achievement in the classroom, they need a technology infrastructure that is simple, reliable and offers hassle-free access to digital engagement in campus life.


Western Sydney University has eight major campuses located in the western part of Sydney, Australia. The eight campuses are situated over 18 square kilometers with over 550 buildings, 10,000 rooms with the university serving 43,000 students and 5,000 staff.

To take full advantage of everything that the university has to offer, all stakeholders need access to a reliable Wi-Fi network. Western Sydney needed to upgrade its legacy infrastructure to ensure that the IT department didn’t start receiving complaints from students and staff.

  • WLAN infrastructure that is scalable and innovative
  • Reliable network that meets the high density needs of students and faculty
  • Campus-wide mobility
  • Secure and simple onboarding
  • Easy deployment and network maintenance
  • High performance network solution that meets current and future Wi-Fi needs with superior connectivity and coverage
  • Deployed RUCKUS® 802.11ac R710 and R510 indoor access points, T710 outdoor access points with P300s for point-to-point bridging to provide campus wide coverage
  • Ease of management of virtual SmartZone (vSZ)
  • Improved density capabilities and overall throughput
To learn more about this project:

 Download the full case study

To learn more about this project:

 Download the full case study