UK Ministry of Defence

Fast and reliable Wi-Fi Solution for UK Ministry of Defence

In this inspiring project for the UK Ministry of Defence, learn how engineers installed high-speed, secure and reliable wi-fi to a military location in only 12 hours with a 48 hours-notice. The rapid deployment and high-speed solution at the camp meant that soldiers could keep in touch with their families, friends and loved ones.

Company fast facts
  • The Ministry of Defence is the British government department responsible for implementing the defence policy set by the UK Government.
  • It is the headquarters of the British Armed Forces in the UK.
  • Quick deployment of communications services across multiple camps
  • Secure, high-speed connectivity
Solutions deployed
  • RUCKUS Indoor R610 Access Point
  • RUCKUS Outdoor T610 Access Point
  • RUCKUS T750 Outdoor Access point
  • RUCKUS ICX7150-C12P
  • RUCKUS ICX7150-24P
Watch the video to learn about this project: