The City of San José

Achieving a Smart City Vision through RUCKUS


As the capital of the Silicon Valley and home to more technology companies than anywhere else, San José has long sought become one of the world's smartest cities. With a journey that began when the city realized that nearly 100,000 residents were without high-speed internet access, San José has embarked on a Digital Inclusion and Broadband Strategy that pledges to deliver free broadband to every resident.

What started as a plan to deliver free Wi-Fi to downtown San José, soon grew into an impressive Wi-Fi network that allowed device signals to effortlessly connect throughout the city's airport, convention center and school districts.

"We refuse to settle for the ordinary; our driving force is the pursuit of excellence through innovation. Our Smart City Vision epitomizes this dedication – an spiration that employes technology as a catalyst to cultive a more interconnected, prosperous, and sustainable community" said Matt Mahan, Mayor of San José. Through a robust public-private partnership between the city, SmartWAVE Technologies, and RUCKUS, San José and its Smart City Vision expanded into the low-income neighborhoods to broadcast free Wi-Fi utilizing city-owned street light poles, traffic lights, and public buildings.

By seamlessly infusing technology into the city's core services, San José has propelled itself beyond a mere urban hub to become a model of comprehensive community advancement. Through this collaborative approach, San José is unlocking the potential for all residents to partake in the Silicon Valley's culture of innovation.

Fast Facts
  • 12th biggest city in the U.S.
  • 3rd largest city in California
  • Nearly 1 million residents
  • More than 56 languages spoken by residents
  • San José Mineta International Airport
  • San José McEnery Convention Center
  • East Side Union High School District
  • San José Community Wi-Fi
  • Seamless signal handoff from location to location
  • Compact, aesthetically pleasing high-density solution
  • Fast and simple deployment
  • Easy to manage and control

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