Staycity Elevates Guest Experience with RUCKUS: Seamless Wi-Fi and Reliable Connectivity Across 32 European Hotels

Staycity began in 2021 and has 32 hotels across Europe, the organisation faced challenges with Wi-Fi connectivity and speed which was key for guest satisfaction. The deployment of RUCKUS ICX switching, and Access Points ensure high-performance connectivity. Innovative RUCKUS AP designs including Beam Flex, Adaptive Power and ChannelFly optimize wireless coverage and address connectivity issues. 

For over 10 years IMS and RUCKUS have been partners and provide Staycity with reliable wired and wireless networks. This partnership ensures a seamless, home-from-home experience for guests and efficient administrative operations. Staycity sets the standard for connectivity in hospitality with RUCKUS. 


  • Connectivity and speed 
  • High-performance Wi-Fi and wired network. 
  • Strategically locating wireless APs to work in a modular, reinforced concrete structure, which challenges RF coverage. 
  • Staycity guests have complete connectivity. 
  • The administrative side of the business is seamless. 
  • Consolidate services in a single switch network with RUCKUS ICX. 
  • Deliver a high-performing network in a typically challenging environment. 

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