Fondation Partage et Vie

RUCKUS® Wi-Fi Connectivity: A Framework For Mobility of Care  


Fondation Partage et Vie: A Journey of Growth and Innovation with RUCKUS Wi-Fi 

Founded in 1992 as the association Nationale Service Senior Écureuil (ANSSE), Fondation Partage et Vie has grown from managing three retirement homes to operating 126 establishments with 6,500 employees across France and the French Overseas Territories.

To meet the evolving needs of its residents and staff, the foundation deployed 1720 RUCKUS indoor Wi-Fi 6 access points and the RUCKUS Virtual SmartZone™ (VSZ) controller. This solution provided high-performance connectivity, Wi-Fi support for a new sick call system, centralized network management, and scalability. The result is a seamless homelife experience for residents, enhanced care services, and optimized network operations, ensuring the foundation is ready for future technological advancements. 

Requirements for this project
  • Always-on, high-performance connectivity for residents and staff  
  • Wi-Fi support for the new sick call system  
  • Network management centralization  
  • Network rationalization  
  • Scalability  
  • Consistent technology  
  • Trusted manufacturer with international coverage 
  • Continuity of service is crucial 
  • Network outages hinder patient care and internal communications


  • Ensures quality service 
  • Wi-Fi improves residents' quality of life 
  • Enables staff access to patient information anywhere 

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