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Chuze Fitness ups its game with RUCKUS® Cloud

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At Chuze Fitness, the focus is first and foremost on customer service. In business since 2008, Chuze Fitness makes working out affordable and fun for everyone—for the price of a few lattes per month. With approximately 21 clubs across Southern California, Arizona and Colorado, Chuze Fitness offers well-maintained, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities; a menu of exercise options that appeal to all age groups and fitness levels and specialty services. Offerings include everything from Zumba and yoga to boot camp and first-run movies on big screens in rooms outfitted with cardiovascular machines.

Chuze Fitness management is well aware that, in today’s digital age, reliable Wi-Fi is an essential service. Many customers like to stream music or videos as they work up a sweat. With that in mind, Chuze Fitness wanted to make sure their members have a first-rate experience with every visit—and that includes fast and reliable Wi-Fi.


With growing demand for Wi-Fi by members, upgrading their wireless LAN became a priority. “Our members view free Wi-Fi access as a ‘must-have’ service. Connecting to YouTube, Spotify and Pandora helps them get through their workout and enjoy their experience more,” says Kris Peterson, Chuze Fitness Chief Information and Marketing Officer. “It made sense for us to re-evaluate our network to see where we could make improvements.”

  • Deliver exceptional Wi-Fi service for members and employees
  • Wi-Fi APs able to support high-density environments with hundreds of concurrent users streaming music and videos
  • Reliable coverage for facilities ranging from 20,000 to 40,000 square feet
  • Centralized management of their WLANs
  • RUCKUS Cloud
  • 74 RUCKUS 802.11ac APs
  • Fast and reliable Wi-Fi service that satisfies fitness customers and employees alike
  • Visibility and control of the WLANs across all 21 locations with the ability to review analytics to ensure that the WLAN is performing optimally
  • Ability to quickly provision value-added services such as social media login and customized member portal
  • Simplified and speedy deployment to meet the needs of their fast-growing retail chain
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