Bonneville Joint School District #93

A public school district in Idaho extends cost-effective, consistent wireless connectivity to 26 campuses with RUCKUS® Cloud

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The fourth-largest school district in Idaho, Bonneville Joint School District #93 is committed to empowering its students and staff with network access throughout its campuses. When its wireless system began to show its age, the district reached out to its partner, Pine Cove Consulting, for help.

Pine Cove Consulting recommended RUCKUS® Cloud to deliver the consistent, high-performance connectivity that students and faculty require. Customized to meet the district’s specific needs, RUCKUS Cloud helps ensure more consistent speeds and connectivity for the students and staff. It helps simplify the tasks of managing a converged wired and wireless network, to help IT save time and budget. RUCKUS Cloud also provides the visibility the district and its partner need to gain insights into network performance and overall health. It can easily scale up or down to meet changing needs, without incurring additional costs.

Fast Facts
  • Public school district in Idaho
  • 26 campuses
  • 14,000 students
  • Make wireless access more dependable
  • Improve wireless performance
  • Control costs
  • RUCKUS Cloud
  • RUCKUS access points
  • Allows students and teachers to access the resources they need
  • Cloud enables far better client roaming from room to room
  • RUCKUS APs deliver dramatic improvement in connectivity, i.e., higher data rates and more
  • Significant cost reduction due to higher number of devices per AP