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Analyze behavior is the technology behind the captive portals of the biggest free Wi-Fi network for the public sector in Colombia and fully compatible with RUCKUS Virtual SmartZone(vSZ) and Ruckus Cloud. We are currently working with the most important ISPs in Colombia to deploy our authentication services.

Our technology uses personal and demographic information, multiple valuation of the venue services, multiple and single choices options to authenticate our guest users to the Wi-Fi to analyze their behavior. We can use conditional questions and random polls to run marketing campaigns even if the guest is offline using conditional SMS or email. Also, we have a robust API Reading to connect all the information collected in our platform to work with CRM, ERP, PMS and others.

SmartZone Controllers

Network simplification begins with unified management. With SmartZone, IT can take control of both the wired and wireless networks from a common platform. This ensures consistency of policy and security across the entire edge network.

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Lower costs

By virtualizing your network controller installation, you can focus your capital investments where they’re needed most, while making your network more flexible.

Reduce IT workloads

Manage the complete network lifecycle—configuration, monitoring, provisioning, discovery, planning, troubleshooting, performance management, security and reporting. SmartZone’s intuitive web interface gives you visibility from the wireless edge to the network core.

Support cloud-readiness

Deploy in any private, public or hybrid cloud environment with support for all popular hyperscale cloud providers.

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