GITEX Technology Week 2023

16 – 20 October 2023

Dubai, UAE
Category: Tradeshow
Region: MEA
October 16 - October 20, 2023

Meet RUCKUS Networks at GITEX 2023 between the 16-20 October at the DWTC Convention Center -- one of the world’s most influential meeting places for the technology industry; bringing together thought-leaders, creators, innovators and makers to discuss, debate and challenge new ideologies, showcase new products, and identify future opportunities.

Learn from international leaders, innovators, and policymakers as they discuss and debate new ideas from mission-critical cloud, IoT and cybertech to breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI), the metaverse, quantum computing, programming, and sustainability.

Meet with RUCKUS Networks technical experts to view our showcased product demos to assist with your queries on trends and challenges within the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry.

Training Topic  Date Time  Brief
How AI will help your network 18 October 02:00pm - 03:00pm RUCKUS Analytics delivers robust service assurance for IT and business intelligence to line-of-business stakeholders to help you get the most from your enterprise network. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms, this cloud service simplifies life by automatically classifying service incidents by severity—tracing root causes and recommending steps for remediation. RUCKUS Analytics enables line-of-business stakeholders to define and monitor business key performance indicators (KPIs) for better business outcomes. 
19 October 2:00pm - 03:00pm
Why Partner with RUCKUS? 17 October  11:00am - 12:00pm Hear how the our Channel focus, leading technology and Partner Program set the foundation for a successful and profitable relationship.
19 October 11:00am- 12:00pm
Where does IoT fit into your Business 16 October  02:00pm - 03:00pm Organizations seeking to support IoT use cases face a complex, fragmented ecosystem of standards. This slows enterprise IoT deployments, increases risks and reduces ROI. An IoT access network addresses these issues by consolidating multiple physical-layer networks into a single converged network, simplifying IoT sensor and device onboarding, establishing uniform security protocols and converging IoT endpoint management and policy-setting. The RUCKUS® IoT Suite simplifies the creation of IoT access networks through the reuse of LAN and WLAN infrastructure—accelerating deployments, reducing cost, and increasing the benefits from IoT. With a RUCKUS IoT network, organizations can aggregate and backhaul IoT traffic over their new or existing RUCKUS Wi-Fi infrastructure.
20 October 02:00pm - 03:00pm
Where RUCKUS WAN Gateway fits into your sales 18 October 11:00am- 12:00pm RUCKUS WAN Gateway (RWG) combines a powerful, comprehensive set of network services in a single unified platform for enterprises and service providers. RWG is purpose-built to deliver complete connectivity, robust security and efficient management. RWG provides tightly integrated network services required to deploy a secure zero trust network architecture (ZTNA) as the head-end border of an enterprise network
- Routing with SD-WAN and traffic shaping
- Micro-segmentation focused Network Access Control (NAC)
- Unified Threat Management (UTM) with workload analysis
- Application layer firewall with Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
- Border network gateway (BNG)
- Billing/operational system support (B/OSS)
- Network and element management system (NMS/EMS)
- Multi-access edge compute (MEC) virtualization server
Why become a MSP 16 October  11:30am- 12:00pm With the changing landscape of business where you need to evolve into a services way of doing business, let RUCKUS and their products help you become a Managed services provider to your customers. Leverage RUCKUS One and Smart Zone to achieve this.
Why RUCKUS One and Analytics 17 October  02:00pm - 03:00pm RUCKUS One is an AI-driven network assurance, service delivery and business intelligence platform that enables enterprises to easily manage a converged enterprise network, make better business decisions, and deliver exceptional user experiences. With flexible subscription and deployment models, and multi-vendor service catalog, RUCKUS One enables IT to deploy future-proof networks simply, reliably, securely and at scale. With RUCKUS One, any IT/OT(IoT) team, no matter how "lean," can deliver solutions to address business by easily provisioning, managing, optimizing and troubleshooting a high-performance multi-access enterprise network through a single web dashboard or a native mobile application. For the line of business stakeholders, RUCKUS One delivers business intelligence and enables them to define and track business level KPIs.
20 October 11:00am- 12:00pm