Network Infrastructure Provider: Addressing Workforce Limitations

Government agencies facing the demands of digital transformation are seeking networking solutions that provide uninterrupted service. However, staffing and budget constraints pose significant challenges. To address this, agencies are turning to full-service infrastructure providers that offer expertise in hardware, software, security, design and implementation.

As the era of digital transformation continues, so does the pressure on networking infrastructure to always provide uninterrupted service. However, this can be a daunting and difficult task for government networks as it requires more staff and a greater budget – two subjects that agencies are already struggling with. Because of this, agencies have begun to work with infrastructure providers that can provide support in all aspects of digital networks: hardware, software, security, design, and implementation. Not only can full-service providers offer expertise in these areas, they can help reduce costs to your organization and ease the burden on your IT staff. 

Advantages of Collaborating with a Network Infrastructure Provider

Many government entities are embarking, or about to start, on a journey to significantly update or even replace their wired or wireless networks, and even looking at internet of things (IoT), private wireless, or cellular networks. This is a complex undertaking where those entities can benefit from a network infrastructure partner in two primary aspects: automation and comprehensive experience.

How can automation help address networking infrastructure needs?

The automation abilities of modern technologies can decrease the workload of IT teams by automating time-consuming and repetitive tasks, freeing up time to work on more pressing issues, optimizing network equipment functionality, or planning future projects. 

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The ability of automation technologies covers a very wide range and, if tackled all at once, quickly overwhelming. Therefore, it is important to choose your solutions strategically to make a targeted and meaningful impact. Moreover, a network infrastructure provider should also be able to provide you with all the infrastructure and insights that you need, utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities. From network design and software selection to offering guidance on short- and long-term connectivity needs, a network infrastructure provider can design a network for you that is optimized for peak efficiency. 

How can automation help with network maintenance?

 Network maintenance on small and large networks is often a repetitive task, but one that is critical to keep a wired and wireless network connectivity at peak performance. Automation of scheduled, network management tasks can bring predictability, reliability, and security to the networks on which you and your customers rely.

Best practices for your network modernization project 

When beginning your next network modernization initiative, there are some best practices to follow for a smoother launch. Proper planning is key to starting your project off on the right foot, so it is advised to create a roadmap with identifiable objectives. Begin with an audit of your current technology stack so you know what needs to be replaced, upgraded, or retired. Then, align your technology choices to your most important issues and apply for network modernization grants to augment your budget.  

Two other best practices to follow are training and communication. It is critical that your staff receives proper training to take advantage of and optimize your new network technologies. When it comes to proper communication, to make sure that you aren’t in a silo with your project, reach out to other departments to get leadership buy-in and gather feedback from users. Furthermore, always bring up issues as they arise with your network provider to avoid future complications that could be avoided with a solid design.  

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Creating a network of the future through digital transformation 

If you lack in-house resources to build a modern network or network services, partnering with a networking infrastructure can help push your modernization goals forward. For more information on how a network infrastructure provider can assist you, read our brief on how proper planning, goal setting, and utilization of a network infrastructure provider can address workforce limitations that may be holding you back from your network modernization journey.

Read the brief now: Addressing Workforce Limitations with a Network Infrastructure Provide

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