Discover How Wifirst Leveraged RUCKUS Networks for Unmatched Wi-Fi Service

In an era where Wi-Fi is as essential as water, electricity, and shelter, delivering high-quality, uninterrupted internet service in high-density environments has become paramount for service providers. Wifirst, a leader in "as a Service" connectivity, faced the challenge of offering scalable, easy-to-manage Wi-Fi solutions across diverse settings — from student housing and hotels to military bases and campgrounds. Enter RUCKUS Networks, with its cutting-edge technology and AI-driven solutions, ready to meet these challenges head-on.

Wifirst's Quest for Excellence

Wifirst's mission was clear: provide top-tier Wi-Fi access across 1,000,000 rooms, where each of the 250,000 access points delivered flawless service. The necessity for a centralized management system was evident — one that could guarantee optimal configuration and smooth operation of the extensive network infrastructure.

The RUCKUS Solution

RUCKUS Networks emerged as the ideal partner for Wifirst, bringing a suite of solutions that revolutionized Wi-Fi service delivery. The integration of Virtual SmartZone (vSZ), BeamFlex+® access points, and the precision of RUCKUS AI, elevated the quality of Wi-Fi service, enhancing user experience and satisfaction.

Key Benefits Unlocked

  • Enhanced User Capacity: A significant increase in the number of users simultaneously enjoying high-quality Wi-Fi.
  • Superior Coverage Quality: Comprehensive and reliable Wi-Fi coverage across all service areas.
  • Simplified Network Management: The Virtual SmartZone (vSZ) controller streamlined network administration, enabling efficient management of access points.
  • AI-Driven Excellence: RUCKUS AI facilitated proactive network assurance and swift troubleshooting, for seamless service.


Discover the Wifirst AI-driven Wi-Fi success story

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